The night is dark, and you are the runners in the dark.
Welcome to the shadows.

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Businessman Dies in strange car crash
Local business leader and owner of several local chain restaurants, Kong Kao died Friday when his car spun out of control and hit a nearby building. The damage caused an explosion, killing him, his wife, and two children instantly. Details for the memorial will be released on the ’trix in the next few days. The SeattlePI 9/12/50

Agri-disaster means profit
The Algonkian-Manitou Council has been seeking out help for dealing with crop failures resulting from bizarre weather, hypothesized as fallout from the Great Ghost Dance. Aztechnology has stepped forward to provide aid and their experience with salvaging crops in hotter climates. This move trends stock prices up for the company, as investors. . .
Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce 8/30/50

The Spider Chair
Bad news for those runners in the dark everywhere. New advances in Sim-sense are allowing Corporate riggers to command large buildings as if they were single vehicles. Does this spell the end for criminals everywhere? -The Stranger 8/16/50

Fuchi Miracle
Only 10 days since Fuchi released the Fuchi Cyber-4 keyboard sized deck, Radio Shack and Sony have followed suit with their on releases, the Radio Shack PCD-100, and the Sony CTY-360. Fuchi has announced upgraded models, the Cyber-6 and Cyber-7 available later this month, but has already moved over 8 million units world-wide of the original stock. Not all of those have shipped however, and there have been reports of attempted hijacking due to the popularity of the new portable matrix interface. Shortages are starting to let up however, and it might be possible to get the hottest item this year for yourself. It certainly is doing favors for Fuchi’s stock prices, which continue to skyrocket- The SeattlePI 8/22/50

The “Frankenstein Factory” still turning a tidy profit.
In spite of being discovered to house a huge warehouse of illegal body parts in January this year, the Cougar Mountain Hospital still managed to turn in a 4.3% profit increase in this second quarter; We talk to hospital administrators to see how they managed this feat – Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce 8/22/50

Fearless Mayor Lindstrom
What kind of supernatural calm possesses our Mayor? Last year during the rampage by Secretary Caroline, when she opened fire, killing one councilman and wounding three others, Mayor Lindstrom was said to appear bored, sitting impassively while it occurred. This wasn’t the only instance either. . . -The Stranger 8/21/50

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