Shadowrun: Seattle

The Ford Engineer

Also, we hit a lab.

Pope-san. I’ll level with you.

Short Fix set us up with this last run. I know you don’t like her. But I’ll take her money.

Why do they call themselves Fixers?

Do they Fix anything? They should call Runners Fixers and Fixers Distributors.

Distributors are insulated from the body of the vehicle. They just time the energy transfer. Energy distribution: that’s what they get paid to do. Accept energy in the form of money and distribute to each of a number of spark plugs they hire out to fire up the engine. The vehicle runs when each plug ignites the fuel, mixed with their own oxygen.

Milk run. Hmmm. Yeah, that’s what everyone called it. Short Fix should have hired an exterminator. “Say Bill, do you think you could rub some of this powder on my lips?” An exterminator is a baka job. Only fools take it. Pest removal. It’s just killing.

Thing about this place. Death. You ever smell it? Exterminators exterminating exterminators. Those rats were only doing what we were. That smell of death. Who was it? Oh yeah. Some shaman I boosted a car for back in CA. He had a run and needed a getaway car no one could trace back to him. Anyway, he says to me, “People smell death and don’t understand they really smell life.” All those organisms feeding on death and defecating. That’s what we smell, their waste.

But those rat things. They smell the living things, too. Know what they are. Accept them as they are and kill only what’s dangerous to them.I don’t feel bad for those stiffs. Circle of life, my friend. Killing them was too easy. And they left behind a brood. Yeah, those things I’m keeping as pets. I’m naming them Elvis and Jerry. If they look like mama and papa when they grow up, my shop should stay pretty free of interlopers.

Who? Some executive type (Daka Zhurgak) and a cyborg (Gwydion Peterson). Must’ve fallen on some hard times to take exterminator jobs, but for that kind of money? Who can blame them? They’ve got the chops is all that matters. If they’re on board, I might take another of that Distributor’s little runs.

Some day aliens are going to come and smell this world’s air and think only of death. Nothing living here will merit consideration.

Now let’s talk gear. Also: think you can track down any trids on collision data for a Ford Engineer? Big van. I bet the head-ons with that thing are glorious.


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