Just your average Dwarf, looking for some gigs

Current Name GMOD
Real Name Udo Hasenfuss
Creator There is no god Morty. Might as well tear that bandage off now. You’ll thank me later.
Archetype Tech Wiz
Race Dwarf
Height 4’
Sex Male
Weight 145 lbs.
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown with Grey
Birthdate 3/15/2007
Birthplace Munich, Germany
Standard/starting 1489¥
Credstick Total = 1489¥
Primary Lifestyle (3) Mi:Middle Lifestyle (3 mo):01/64
Secondary Lifestyle  
Total Karma 0
Unspent Karma 0
Just any dwarf you see on the street.
Edges & Flaws
Formerly Retired-4
Same as Hung Out to Dry, but different reasoning: The character has no contacts because he’s been out of the game too long.
Hunted Lev 2
Character is hunted by a level 4 enemy.|src.30
Day Job 40hrs/week→IT Installer
Character has a day job. Salary: 5.000 ¥ per month.|src.26
Codeslinger→Locate File
+1 Die for a certain system operation (Edit File, Analyze Icon etc.). Only once per character.|src.28
Codeslinger→Analyze Host
+1 Die for a certain system operation (Edit File, Analyze Icon etc.). Only once per character.|src.28
Codeslinger→Analyze Security
+1 Die for a certain system operation (Edit File, Analyze Icon etc.). Only once per character.|src.28
Technical School Education
TN for background knowledge skills +1 for defaulting to skill, +2 for defaulting to specialization, +3 for defaulting to attribute.|src.25
Spike resistance 1 (Rig/Deck)
+1 Willpower for damage resistance tests against Black Ice, Dumpshock etc.|src.25
TN +1 for tracking the character. No effect on matrix or magical searches.|src.25
Body 4
Quickness 5
Strength 5
Charisma 3
Intelligence 6
Willpower 5
Essence 4.72
Run Mult. 2
Magic 0
BioIndex 0
Reaction 5
Init. Dice 1
Karma 1
Spell 0
Combat 8
Task 0
Control 0
Hacking 4
Astral 0
Condition Monitor
Stun Physical Overdamage
+1 to TNs(-1 Init) L L +1 to TNs (-1 Init)      
+2 to TNs (-2 Init) M M +2 to TNs (-2 Init)      
+3 to TNs (-3 Init) S S +3 to TNs (-3 Init)
Unconscious D D Dying
Stun overflows into Physical
+ TN# = -REAC#
Active Knowledge & Language
Bike (4) IN:Strategy Games (Chess, Go, etc..) (KNO) (3)
Bike B/R (3) SW:Cybertechnology(KNO) (4)
Computer (5) SW:Matrix Topography(KNO) (4)
Computer/Programing (5/2) AC:Cybertechnology(KNO) (3)
Computer/Search Operations (5/2) AC:Engineering(KNO) (4)
Computer B/R (3) AC:Megacorporate Research(KNO) (3)
Etiquette/Matrix (2/4) SF:Automated Factory Familiarity(KNO) (3)
Electronics (5) Biotech(KNO) (3)
Electronics B/R (4) Etiquette(KNO) (3)
Electronics/Security Systems (5/4) German(LAN) (5)
Demolitions (4) German(LAN) (RW) (2)
Submachine Guns (4) English(LAN) (4)
Stealth (3) English(LAN) (RW) (2)
Name Occup. Archetype Race/Desc Location/LTG# Lev
Type Dmg Con Rch Sht (4) Med (5) Lng (6) XtM (9) Mode Ammo Wt.
X:Baretta Model 70 Smart2 (SMG) Laser sight, Sound Suppressor Smart2 6M 3   10 40 80 150 BF/FA 35© 4
+ (2)35-Rnd Clip (Regular) - 8                
+X: (2)35-Rnd Clip (Regular) - 8          
Type Conc Ball Imp
X:Armor Jacket DwMod 6 5 3
Not Carried Gear Wt Carried Gear Wt
Computer ToolKit DwMod@sr3.288 5 Dataline Tap Lv (6) @sr3.292 -
Electronic Shop DwMod@sr3.288 - Electronic ToolKit DwMod@sr3.288 5
Computer Printer @sr3.287 2 Maglock Passkey (4) @sr3.294 1
Scanner (6) @sr3.290 1 Micro-Transceiver (5) @sr3.290 -
Keypad Sequencer Rating (4) @sr3.294 2 Pocket Computer (100Mp) @sr3.287 5
Vehicle Kit DwMod@sr3.288 5 Wrist Phone @sr3.287 1
    Total Weight -
Name Slot(1-6) Stress Notes
Chipjack(A) E:0.16     sr3.298|Holds 1 chip, access to datasofts and knowsofts
Datajack(A) E:0.16     sr3.298|
Memory (300 Mps)(A) E:0.80     sr3.298|
+ Eyes, Image Link(A) E:0.16     sr3.300|Display text and images in field of vision

Udo returned to his flat after an exhausting day of work to find Hector sitting on his couch, his immense boots propped up on his coffee table. “Guten abend, GMOD. You’re a very difficult man to track down.”

“Well,” Udo sighed, “you’ve found me. So what do you want?”

“The Norn is dead.”

“I know,” Udo nodded grimly. In another life, The Norn had been the Fixer for the Täuschung Group: GMOD, Hector, Poly, Platzhalter, and The American. “And?”

“Same M.O. as the American,” Hector smiled, "tied to a chair and then burned to death. Seems like the hens of Bogenhausen have come home to roost. "

Bogenhausen again. Ever since the Bogenhausen job, Hector had become obsessed. If Hector stumped his toe, he would find cause to tie it to Bogenhausen. Udo squinted at him with annoyance, “Weren’t they still doing jobs? Occupational hazard. I’m out of that world, and I gladly leave you to it.”

“Ah yes, you’re an electrician now,” the large Ork snorted. “I wonder if you still even have any juice left in you.” Hector stood up, sauntered over to the refrigerator, and helped himself to a beer. “But you’re not totally out of the game. The media has gone to some length to avoid talking about the murder. How do you know about it?”

“I’ve managed to maintain my new life by staying ahead of loose ends.”

“And yet, I have found you,” Hector chuckled.

“I let you find me, shizcoff,” Udo snarled. “You certainly made enough noise looking for me. Weren’t you still working with those two? Better to let you find me now than allow you to continue rampaging on like a bull in a subnet China shop and lead some vendetta seeking assassin back to my home.”

“But you suspect something.”

“I suspect the Täuschung Group should have ended, Herman, when you and Rebecca went on a killing spree in Herzogpark. At least Poly had the sense to disappear after that.” Udo realized he was yelling and took a moment to get a hold of his temper. “Why can’t you let me do the same?”

Hector pointed and accusatory finger, but halted himself before responding. “Because, Udo, this time I’m certain it’s Bogenhausen and this time, I have proof, but I need your help.”

“My help?” Udo replied, nonplussed. “Herman, I haven’t been in the game in nearly a decade! Surely you must have other contacts? Maybe even Platzhalter could find someone for you whose skills are more on par.”

“I don’t trust any of them. Platzhalter least of all. You might be an absolute trottel, Udo, but you’re still GMOD to me and I need your help. I’m leaving for America tomorrow. Seattle. It’s where they killed Rebecca and when The Norn looked too deep into it, they got her next. Whatever it is, the answer is there.”

Udo slumped over with guilt, “What do you need me to do?”

“You still know how to discreetly monitor the local matrix out there, yes? I have a few leads I can follow, but not enough info.” Hector thrust a data stick into Udo’s hand. “Here’s everything I know. Follow up as much as you can and get back to me.”

“You’re going alone?”

“I have a few contacts out there. But I need someone to keep an eye out for me, remotely.”

Udo watched Hector leave from his apartment window and closed the blinds. It would be the last time they’d speak. A few months later, reports of a luxury hotel penthouse going up in a massive inferno filled global news trids. In the subnet, rumors of an Ork Street Samurai with a well known reputation who’d been murdered in an errant run floated about. He’d been tied to a chair and burned to death. A few runners on the BBS speculated that an experimental variant on old thermite cubes had done the job.

The following week, Udo booked a flight for Seattle to interview for a job as an IT installer.

Täuschung Group:

  • Hector: aka Herman Ganz. Ork. Street Samurai. Deceased.
  • The Norn: aka Edina Schmidt. Elf. Fixer. Deceased.
  • The American: aka Rebecca Colin. Human. Covert Ops Specialist. Deceased.
  • GMOD: Identity Unknown. Tech Wiz. Status Unknown.
  • Poly: Identity Unknown. Face. Status Unknown.
  • Platzhalter: Identity Unknown. Combat Mage. Status Unknown.


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