Gwydion Peterson

A compact, muscular elf with blond hair in a beautiful suit.


Gwydion is a compact, muscular elf with nearly white-blond hair. His torso is covered with intricate faux-elven tattoos, which make it hard to pick out his dermal implants. His cyberwear is cosmetically enhanced to be indistinguishable from normal skin/eyes, although he has faint ridges above and below his eyes where his protective covers snap down when he is running.

He is usually dressed in finely tailored suits with his Securetech Ultra-vest underneath and his flechette gun in a tailored, concealed holster. He wears a black plastic bandolier on his wrist that contains his monofilament whip, and he has a secondary handle concealed as a belt buckle that lets him use it as a garrotte.

When he is Running, Gwydion wears a black urban camo jacket and balaclava, carries his rifle in an armored backpack, and wears both his pistols. His climbing harness is attached to his jacket, and his grapple gun is pre-attached to the harness, allowing him to climb or retract instantly.

Body: 5 (8)
Quickness: 7
Strength: 4
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 5
Essence: 1.05
Magic: 0

Reaction: 7 (8)
Initiative: 8 +d6 (2d6)

Dice Pools:
Combat: 9

Skills: (30)
Athletics (B): Parkour 4(6)
Pistols (Q): 6
Rifles (Q): Sniper Rifle 4(6)
Whips (Q): Monofilament 5(7)
Stealth (Q): Hiding 4(5)
Etiquette (Ch): 3
Bike® : 2

Knowledge: (30)
Police Procedures: 3
Megacorp Security: 3
Elven Culture: 3
Tir Tairngire Military: 2
Seattle Politics: 2
High Society: 3
Criminal Organizations: 4
B/R Rifles: 4
Architecture: 3
Cybertechnology: 3

Languages (9):
Sperethiel: 4
read/write: 2
English: 4
read/write: 2
Military Jargon: 1



Gwydion Peterson had the sort of personality that made the military a likely place. Well, that or jail. Almost total lack of fear response, high desire for novelty, ability to focus in stressful situations – handy skills.

Gwydion’s parents relocated to Tir Tairngire from Texas when he was young. Although neither of his parents are metahumans, they received dispensation since Gwydion was. He was Jake Peterson at that time.

Jake grew up poor, since humans had difficulty finding work in Tir Tairngire. Since his parents both worked long hours at low-paying jobs, he tended to run a bit wild, lacking supervision and being inclined to enjoy dangerous situations.

After being nearly expelled from high school for some particularly brazen stunt, he was approached by a Peace Force recruiter. The military seemed interesting, and Gwydion (he changed his name when he was 16), although bored of school, applied his considerable natural intelligence, got his high school diploma and immediately signed up for the military.

Nobody was surprised that he excelled. Physically gifted and almost totally without fear, he breezed through basic, served 2 years in the Peace Force ground forces and was tapped for Special Forces.

After joining the Ghosts, he was slightly held back by his total lack of magical abilities. As a result, he signed up for the Enhancement Protocols, which was the pilot project for cybernetically enhanced Ghosts. One of the first heavily-cybered Ghosts, Gwydion was considered to be a success story, increasing the visibility and viability of cybered Ghosts.

Unfortunately, Gwydion’s Special Forces team was involved in some sort of war crime in the contested area of California. The exact details are not known, as they have been covered up by the Tir government, but ultimately, Gwydion took the fall. He was stripped of his military rank and exiled from Tir Tairngire, although he retains Tir citizenship.

He was set up with a corporate job and a SIN in Seattle, but quickly grew bored of corp life and took to Shadowrunning.

Gwydion Peterson

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