Johnny Crash

Speed Obsessed, Carjacking Sorcerous Adept

Current Name Johnny Crash
Real Name Juan Carlos Kurrashu
Creator There is no god Morty. Might as well tear that bandage off now. You’ll thank me later.
Archetype Sorcerer Adept
Race Human
Height 5’8"
Sex Male
Weight 150 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Birthdate 3/15/2024
Birthplace Santa Cruz, CA
Standard/starting 11,844¥
Credstick Total ==>> 11,844¥
Primary Lifestyle Squatter (11)
RV in junkyard
5 months
Secondary Lifestyle Lower (17)
Auto Repair Garage
5 months
Total Karma 0
Unspent Karma 0
Johnny looks like some wild haired rocker from a bygone era.
Edges & Flaws
When firing two weapons, TN +1 for the first, TN +1 for the second weapon.
Vehicle Empathy
TN -1 for handling tests. No effect on remotely controlled vehicles.
Compulsive severe→Reckless Speedster/Adrenaline Addict
Character has a habit he has little or no control over. GM decides value of this flaw.
Compulsive moderate→Obsessed With/Aroused By Car Crashes
Character has a habit he has little or no control over. GM decides value of this flaw.
Bad Reputation light
TN +1 for social skill tests.
Body 3
Quickness 6
Strength 3
Charisma 2
Intelligence 5
Willpower 5
Essence 6.00
Run Mult. 3
Magic 6
BioIndex 0
Reaction 5
Init. Dice 1
Karma 1
Spell 5
Combat 8
Task 0
Control 0
Hacking 0
Astral 0
Condition Monitor
Stun Physical Overdamage
+1 to TNs(-1 Init) L L +1 to TNs (-1 Init)      
+2 to TNs (-2 Init) M M +2 to TNs (-2 Init)      
+3 to TNs (-3 Init) S S +3 to TNs (-3 Init)
Unconscious D D Dying
Stun overflows into Physical
+ TN# = -REAC#
Active Knowledge & Language
Pistols (6) Fences(KNO) (3)
Sorcery (5) Smuggler Havens(KNO) (3)
Sorcery/Spellcasting (5/6) Seattle Junkyards(KNO) (3)
Stealth (3) AC:Security Systems(KNO) (2)
Electronics (4) Electronics(KNO) (3)
Electronics/Security Systems (4/6) Lock Picking(KNO) (3)
Electronics B/R/Security Systems B/R (4/6) Sorcery(KNO) (3)
Lock Picking (5) Car(KNO) (3)
Car (6) Pistols(KNO) (2)
Car B/R (5) English(LAN)/Cityspeak (4/6)
  English(LAN) (RW) (2)
  Japanese(LAN) (2)
  Japanese(LAN) (RW) (1)
Name Lev Typ Target Dur Range Drain Notes
Powerbolt 4 P I LOS +1(DL) sr3.191
Stunbolt 5 M I LOS -1(DL) sr3.191
Analyze Device 6 P OR S T/D +1(M) sr3.192
Combat Sense 3 M 4 S T (S) sr3.192
Enhance Aim 5 M S T/D (M) mits.141
Increased Attribute (S) 3 M Att(V) S T +1(M) sr3.194
Heal 4 M 10-E(V) P T (DL) sr3.193
Improved Invisibility 5 P S LOS +1(M) sr3.195
Name Occup. Archetype Race/Desc Location/LTG# Lev
The Pope Street Rigger   Ork; Chop Shop Mechanic / 2
Kinsuke Onoda Security Guard   Human; Impound Lot Overseer (On the take) / 1
Type Dmg Con Rch Sht (4) Med (5) Lng (6) XtM (9) Mode Ammo Wt.
X: Colt Manhunter (HPist) Laser Sight (Right Hand) 9M 5   5 20 40 60 SA 16© 5
X: Colt Manhunter (HPist) Laser Sight (Left Hand) 9M 5   5 20 40 60 SA 16© 5
Type Conc Ball Imp
X:Real Leather Jacket - 0 2
X:Real Leather Pants - 0 2
X:Form-fitting Full-Body Suit 12 4 1
Not Carried Gear Wt Carried Gear Wt
Burner Handset Cellphone - Vehicle Kit @sr3.288 5
Forged Credstick: (3) 9,000 ¥ - Electronic ToolKit @sr3.288 5
Vehicle Shop   Magemask @mits.170  
    Restraints, Plasteel @sr3.294 -
    Wristphone @sr3.287 -
    Forged Credstick: (3) 9,000 ¥ -
    4 Clips of Colt Ammunition -
    Total Weight 18.50


"The heist was a complete bust. I can’t even begin to explain what happened. Fires on the side of the road. The bodies, smoldering in the heat. Twisted metal everywhere. And Johnny, just laughing like it was the greatest thing he’d ever seen in his whole life.

“I taught the kid everything he knew. How to boost rides, use magic to give him an edge. I spoke up for him in the TechMage clique we ran. I had OG status. I was made. Didn’t even need to take this job.

“But Johnny… he was special. He didn’t like nobody. Didn’t need nobody. Didn’t even care. You put him behind the wheel and even riggers had a hard time chasing him down. Cops? Mobsters? Stole their rides right out from under ‘em and left ’em all in the dust. The kid’s fearless.

“He has a devil in him alright. What’d we lose? Half a mil! Beautiful prototype pursuit vehicle Shiawase Motors was trying to sell to the local PD. I don’t think I ever saw anything on land go that fast. Johnny was a natural for the gig.

“But something broke. Still can’t figure out where or when, but once he realized they were sending air power, he threw caution to the wind. I remember seeing a guy on a scooter. Couldn’t possibly have seen us coming and, man, Johnny had room. Went flying through the air. The scooter flipped over and over behind us into some other driver’s windshield. Cops smashed right into it and Johnny just threw the brake and sat and watched the whole thing go up in flames and I could hear those Abyssal tactical air support drones coming.

“We lost ’em. But we left a trail of blood and car wrecks behind us like I never saw on a job. Never.

“So I cut him loose.

“Next I heard, one of the guys in our clique saw him in Seattle, boosting some pricey Euro job. I wish him well, I really do. But that kid ain’t right in the head, you know?”

- Kant the Street Mage, San Francisco: 2050

Johnny Crash

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