Daka Zhurgak

Tall, dark-haired, mixed-ethnic orc; often conservatively dressed



Elizabeth Chase, aka Daka Zhurgak, often gets work as a temp in between earning real money as a runner. As such, she keeps several sets of bland clothes, as well as trendy and expensive clothes to help her blend.

Body: 5
Quick 4
Strength 3
Charisma 5
Intelligence 5
Willpower 5
Essence: 3.32
Magic 0
Reaction 4
Initiative 1(D6)


  • Photographic memory
  • friendly face
  • human looking


  • Day job 10hr/day, as temporary
  • allergy: uncommon and mild : hay fever
  • dependent (-2): elderly parent

Bike 2
Pistols 3
Tai Chi Wu 2
Athletics 3
Edged weapons 2
Stealth 3

Computer 1
Lock picking 1
Electronics 1
forgery 1

Etiquette-street 4
Etiquette-media 3
Etiquette-corporate 3
Etiquette-ork 3
Interrogation 1
negotiation 5
intimidation 2
Instruction 2

Artisan (photography) 3
Leadership 1
Performance 1

Street know: Gang id 1
Street know: gang turf 1
Street know: safehouse locations 1
Street know: scrounging 1
Street know: Seattle Ork underground 3
Street know: shadowrun haunts 1
Street know: underworld politics 1

AC: Chemistry 1
AC: Econ 1
AC: History 1

SW: Corp finance 1
SW: corp politics 1
SW: data brokerage 1
SW: metahumanity 1
SW: tribal politics 1
SW: virtual meeting spots 1

BK: pistols 1
AK: greater Seattle 1
AK: Downtown Seattle 1
English (cityspeak) 3
Or’zet 2
Cherokee 1
Irish Gaelic 1

IN: Meditation 1
IN: Investing 1

Smartlink II

  • personal smartlink safety
  • eye display
    Commlink (3)
    subvocal mike
    ear cyper replace
  • dampener
  • recorder
  • hearing amp
  • cosmetic mod
    eyes, cyber replace
  • camera
  • flare comp
  • low-light
  • cosmetic
    chipjack, multi-slot 2
    memory 2 (100mps)

Colt American L36 (smart1)

  • personal safety mods
  • silencer
  • quick draw concealed holster
  • 6 rnd clip, gel
  • 6 rnd clip, regular (2)

secure clothes
secure ultra vest
ordinary clothes (3)
fine clothes
tres chic clothes
armor clothes
standard credstick (Elizabeth Chase)
music playback unit (10 music data chips)
gunsmith kit (pistol)

Harley-Davidson Scorpion

  • auto nav system 2
  • datajack port
  • peel & stick vehicle armor


  • Lee X: ork shaman, nonbinary of indeterminate ancestry, loose robes, heavy jewelry, hair wraps or turbans, occasionally makeup. Serves the ork community Daka is part of. contact 1
  • Alton Pearce: former Doc Wagoneer, human man, mixed ethnic, wears battered leather coat, brown hair is undershaved on the side and the rest pulled back into a braid. He burned out after seeing too many people in need left behind. contact 1
  • Short Fix: fixer, short human woman, mixed ethnic, shoulder length brown hair, side braided, elaborate face paint, wears coveralls. Runs a garage (chop shop). contact 1
  • Stainless Steel Ferret: decker, dwarf woman, African descent, curvy, plainly dressed, hair alternates between shaved and close-cropped dyed blue. Went to school and briefly dated Daka’s brother. Her real name is Shi Fearrington. Contact 2
  • Randi Locklear: corporate secretary, elf woman of (western band) Cherokee descent, works for a temp agency, worked in several corporations. Dresses conservatively during working hours and trendy after hours. Worked together on some jobs, briefly dated. contact 2
  • Stone Fist: ork man, tall, tattooed skull with hair shaved in patterns to complement, Mediterranean descent. Elizabeth/Daka’s older brother contact 3
  • Lien Dreschel: street cop, troll woman, dyed blonde hair, olive skin, hazel eyes, carefully maintained horns, met at a metahuman rights rally. Couple of dates but didn’t click. Contact 1

An ork baby girl was found in a hospital bathroom; her parentage unknown. She was named Elizabeth Chase in the records before she was adopted by ork parents and given a more traditional name.

As an adult, she gets temp work with the name Elizabeth Chase while maintaining street contacts as Daka or Lizard.

Daka Zhurgak

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